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It’s All About YOU in Direct Response Radio Advertising

When writing direct response radio copy, I can’t say enough about you.  Your feelings are important.  Your problems matter to me.  That’s why I want to make your life better.  I can save you time or money.  And right now, I’m offering you something for free that will help make you smarter, happier, healthier or wealthier.  So respond immediately and you will be better off.

In this example, I’m not talking to a group of people.  I’m not writing about how wonderful I am.  I’m focused on you, and how you can experience positive results if you act now.

When your direct response radio advertising is all about “you,” then you’re engaging listeners on a personal level.  It establishes rapport.  It generates more interest in your message.  And it turns your product’s features into benefits.  Benefits are what drive listeners to respond.

See how many times the word “you’ can be integrated into your direct response radio ads.  The more it’s used, the more effective your radio advertising will be.