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Strange Habit of the Mobile Responder

Target + Response specializes in pay per call placement so, as you can imagine, we constantly test ways to increase response rates.

Recently we have been testing some methods that target mobile responders.  Initially we were thrilled with the response rates and increase in call volume but then a curious anomaly occurred.  We noticed that many of the mobile callers hung up as soon as an operator answered.  This can present a big problem for our clients because many use complex phone systems to route calls to their best operators and monitor call stats closely.

Thinking these were either missdials or mobile users storing a number in their phones to respond later, we started putting up barriers which required additional actions by the caller in order to reach an operator, thus giving mobile responders a chance to hang up before reaching an operator.  These barriers did have a small impact on reducing the anomaly but we found that no matter how many barriers we used–and we stopped at three–mobile responders were still going through each barrier reaching an operator and hanging up.  On the other hand,  the mobile callers who did speak to an operator turned out to be highly qualified leads, so we continue to try to find a way to mitigate the operator hang ups.

Why do mobile responders place calls and navigate through an IVR/VRU only to hang up when they reach an operator.   “What’s up wit dat?”

Michael Battisto
President at Target + Response