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A Marketer’s Resource for Direct Response Radio Advertising

How do you make direct response advertising work on radio?

Which creative approaches grab attention and generate response?  What types of offers are the right fit for radio’s strengths?

How do you choose the best radio stations for your product or service?  How many spots should be in a media schedule?  What times of the day should those spots air?

What does the radio industry think about direct marketing?  What do direct marketers think about radio?

Through this blog, we plan to address these questions, and present many other topics related to effective radio advertising and practices within the direct response radio industry.  Hopefully our efforts will engage your interest.

Welcome to Direct Response Radio, an informational blog from Target + Response.  We’ve been direct response radio specialists since 1987.  In that time, we’ve been fortunate enough to test a variety of direct response offers and schedules.  We’ve learned some interesting things along the way, and have had the good fortune to experience many successes.  Through this blog, we want to share our understanding of radio advertising with you.

Over 23 years of creating, placing and tracking radio advertising has been fun for us.  We’ve helped many direct marketers generate business for their products and services.  We’ve also created millions of dollars of revenue for radio stations, networks and syndicators across the U.S.  Overall, it’s been a win-win for all stakeholders – consumers, advertisers, radio stations, telemarketing firms, etc. – and we’re thrilled to have been in the middle of it all.

For such a specialized industry, there’s actually a lot to discuss.  We hope to share content that you will find useful and interesting.  And we hope you’ll share this blog with others who may benefit too.

The business of direct response radio advertising is unique and it’s special.  It’s been in our blood for a long time.  We’re excited to share our knowledge and thoughts, as well as information from others who have something interesting to share.

As Charles Osgood wrote, “What makes radio such a terrific ‘telling’ medium also makes it a terrific ‘selling’ medium.”

Thanks for listening!