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Radio in No “Rush” to Go Away

In today’s world of smart phones and social media, it’s nice to know that radio can still be just as impactful as it was 10 years ago. A few weeks back the radio world was on fire due to comments made by Rush Limbaugh. Advertisers, stations and consumers were all up in arms regarding his comments, which made for some tough business decisions. Some looked at this situation as an example of freedom of speech, while others perceived it as going over the invisible line that many of us have come to draw our conclusions from. No matter what side of the coin you were on, one thing can be made certain – radio is still as vital and powerful a media outlet as ever.

Rush’s comments were all over the local and national media outlets and everybody had an opinion. His show was being tracked on a daily basis, following which advertisers were still placing ads within his program. You don’t have to agree with what he said, or how he said it, but there is no denying that radio and its “voices” are still being heard.