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Yellow Pages Pay-Per-Call Advertising:  Attract Ready-To-Buy Prospects, Pay Only For Qualified Calls

Published Yellow Pages directories continue to attract billions of references from users who are ready to buy the products and services they are seeking.

Today there are over 400 million Yellow Pages directories in circulation. Now through Target + Response, you can take advantage of the power of Yellow Pages advertising cost efficiently with pay-per-call advertising, available exclusively to eligible direct marketers.

With Target + Response, you pay only for leads, not for ad placements. Your Yellow Pages ads are given premium positions, with four-color display ads placed in highly targeted headings.

With Yellow Pages pay-per-call advertising, you generate highly qualified, cost efficient sales leads from consumer Yellow Pages directories that are distributed throughout the U.S.


We Make Yellow Pages Advertising Cost Effective for Direct Marketers

Target + Response helped introduce pay-per-call advertising to the Yellow Pages industry. Today we have per-inquiry relationships with all the major Yellow Pages publishers. Ads can be distributed in all 50 states, in large and small markets, and in specialty ethnic directories as well.

National direct marketers have grown their incremental lead volume significantly through participation in this cost-effective program.


Is Pay-Per-Call Yellow Pages Advertising Right for You?

If you want to generate more phone leads for your business, Target + Response can provide high-value national placements that make the phone ring:

  • You pay only for sales leads – not for ad placements.
  • Your ads are prominently displayed in highly targeted headings/categories.
  • You generate qualified phone inquiries from ready-to-buy respondents.
  • The program grows continuously as your ad is distributed to new directories throughout the year.
  • Pay-per-call Yellow Pages advertising is low maintenance, high volume, and affordable.