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Digital Boom Creates Opportunities for Direct Response Advertisers

The recent Digital Boom has created additional advertising opportunities for clients.  The increasing number of people tuning into radio on their smartphones or computers has resulted in a 15% increase in digital ad revenue since 2011. Running on a station’s stream, along with their terrestrial airwaves helps to increase the frequency and reach of a commercial or message. Many stations value their streaming inventory at a fraction of their terrestrial inventory, which could be a good bargain for advertisers, especially in the direct response sector. However, nobody, not even station sales managers, claim that buying the stream will reach the same audience as on-air, or will be as responsive. However, the advertising trends we are seeing  might suggest that the gap is narrowing.

Should Radio Stations Risk Selling All Unsold Inventory to Remnant Buyers?

Advertisers paying rate card for spots get to dictate their scheduling, for the most part. But why is it that remnant companies are requesting, and receiving the same demands?  Paying “something” for every spot seems to be the trick these days. But watch out! The wool might be creatively being pulled over your eyes. Like… Continue Reading

Toll-Free Phone Numbers in Radio Direct Response Marketing

You want your radio direct response marketing campaign to have all the right tools to maximize response.  If you are trying to generate phone responses, then you want to use the best toll-free phone numbers you can.  What do I mean by “best?”  I mean phone numbers that are easy to remember and call. Easy-to-remember… Continue Reading