Make Radio Advertising a Part of Your Direct Marketing Mix

Our Specialized Direct Response Radio Approach Can Save You Over 80% in Media Costs
Target + Response’s expertise lies in generating qualified sales leads for advertisers by securing deeply discounted media rates in direct response radio advertising.

With a unique and proven approach to buying radio advertising time at 80% off media rates, Target + Response  leads the industry.  Our consistent results in obtaining discounted media rates typically surpass the efforts of other agencies, media buying services, and even remnant radio brokers. This allows us to offer our direct response advertisers the benefit of enjoying sharply-discounted air rates.

Per Inquiry Radio Advertising Is Our Niche
Target + Response negotiates deeply discounted advertising air time for direct marketers on a per-inquiry (P.I.) basis.  What this means to you, is that you only pay for qualified sales leads obtained as a result of airing your spot, and not by the number of times your spot airs.

Our exclusive targeted method of obtaining qualified sales leads through the use of effective radio advertising, has put Target + Response at the forefront of the industry.  In many instances, P.I. has proven to be more effective than DRTV.

Brokering Radio Advertising Partnerships
Target + Response partners with over 1,600 of the best radio stations in our country’s 250+ radio markets in order to provide the most effective demographic market for our direct marketers.

Since 1987, we have partnered with top direct response advertisers to deliver qualified sales leads to them through the use of effective radio advertising.  Direct response advertisers such as Sears, ITT Technical Institutes, Tempur-Pedic, E*Trade Bank, Quicken Loans, ADT Security Systems, American Life Insurance Company of New York count on Target + Response to get results.

Is Direct Response Radio Advertising Right For You?
The bottom line in obtaining a qualified sales lead is to obtain the sale.  Effective radio advertising can help make that happen.  If you are a direct response advertiser whose territory comprises more than 50% of the U.S, whose average customer’s  lifetime value exceeds $1,000 in sales, and who can pay more than $20 per sales lead, then Target + Response is for you.

We look forward to helping you to make radio advertising a valuable prospecting tool.
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