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Yellow Pages Pay-Per-Call Advertising

Attract Ready-To-Buy Prospects, Pay Only For Qualified Calls
Published Yellow Pages directories continue to be a source of reference for consumers who are ready to make a purchase.

With Yellow Pages directories in circulation in the hundreds of millions, “pay-per-call” advertising can prove to be both powerful and cost-effective.  Target + Response specializes in designing Yellow Pages pay-per-call campaigns that work.

Eligible direct marketers pay only for leads, and NOT for ad placements. With a Target + Response’s Yellow Pages campaign, your four-color ads will be featured in premium position, and placed under highly-targeted headings.

Yellow Pages are distributed throughout the United States, optimizing your cost-efficient sales leads from interested consumers.

We Make Yellow Pages Advertising Cost Effective for Direct Marketers
Target + Response helped to introduce the pay-per-call advertising model to the Yellow Pages industry.  As a result, we have formed partnerships with all mayor Yellow Pages publishers, who not only distribute nationally on a large scale, but also target small and ethnic markets.

Yellow Pages pay-per-call advertising has a strong track record for national direct marketers who participate in it, having considerably increased their overall sales lead volume.

Is Pay-Per-Call Yellow Pages Advertising Right for You?
Generating more qualified sales leads only leads to more sales.  Target + Response can offer you high-value national placement with Yellow Pages that makes your phone ring.

To review the advantages of a Yellow Pages pay-per-call advertising campaign:

  • You pay only for sales leads, not for ad placements
  • Your four-color ads receive prominent display under coveted headings and/or categories
  • Sales inquiries are initiated by ready-to-buy consumers
  • Distribution continues to consumers as new directories are published
  • Yellow Pages pay-per-call advertising has three outstanding characteristics:
    low maintenance, high volume, cost-effectiveness.

For over 25 years, Target + Response has specialized in generating qualified sales leads for direct marketers at a fixed cost per lead. Contact us now to find out how we can generate sales leads for you.