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Since 1987, Target + Response has been a top advertising agency in Remnant Cash, and Per-Inquiry Radio advertising (also known as pay per performance advertising, cost per action advertising, and pay per lead advertising).  Creating and growing successful performance-based partnerships is what sets us apart.

Our knowledge and experience in the radio industry is highly desirable to consumer marketing companies, DRTV firms, direct response advertisers, and other advertising agencies, who depend on Target + Response for accountable, cost-effective results.

We also pride ourselves on anticipating the latest trends, technologies, and strategies which will benefit our advertisers and media partners.  Because of our reputation in the PI industry, our campaigns and expertise are often sought out by new types of media looking to grow their revenue.

Target + Response is strongly committed to building partnerships – with quality advertisers and with quality media – to ensure lasting, win-win relationships built on mutual benefit and respect.

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If you would like to monetize your unsold inventory each month, please call our sales department at (312) 321-0500, or fill out the questionnaire below. We can set you up with brand-name clients and copy the same day. Schedule pre-emptible spots. Start making money immediately!   Contact Us Continue Reading