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DRTV Advertisers Use Target + Response for Radio Lead Generation Advertising

DRTV Marketers Obtain Discounted Radio Rates
Advertisers who use DRTV for lead generation rely on Target + Response for their radio advertising. That’s because Target + Response acquires radio advertising time at up to 80% off the rates that stations charge their biggest and best customers.
Many direct response television advertising agency leaders rely on us to expand their DRTV clients into radio lead generation advertising.

The Leaders in Radio P.I. Advertising
Our specialized radio per-inquiry advertising services provides DRTV marketers and direct response television advertising agencies with the most cost-efficient and expansive radio programs. For national DRTV advertisers, we routinely deliver:

  • Over 25 million impressions a week
  • 250+ radio stations and networks in the top 75 markets
  • About 40-50 spots per week per radio station
  • Up to 80% savings off the best-negotiated cash rates

Talk to Target + Response About Your Sales Lead Generation Program
We are radio people. We know the right DRTV offers to use in radio. We have an outstanding track record writing response-driven commercials. And we are the leaders in pay-per-lead placements–the ideal media buying strategy that makes radio advertising cost effective for those using direct response television.

If you are a DRTV advertiser or direct response television advertising agency who needs a leader in direct response radio, contact Target + Response.