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We Value Our Partners

  • With over 25 years of experience, Target + Response has formed relationships with thousands of local radio stations, networks, syndicated shows, as well as non-traditional revenue sources.  We work with the best!
  • Our partners trust us to provide them with timely data, accurate reporting, and fast payments.

Monetize Your Inventory

Run Target + Response tested offers whenever you have available inventory. We do not have minimum requirements for schedules. Run spots as often as you can. Our goal is to complement cash spending,  not to compete with it. All Target + Response ads are 100% pre-emptible. We can give you some great tips on how… Continue Reading

How You Benefit

Higher Quality Leads Radio listeners must make a concerted effort to respond to a radio commercial. Radio leads are therefore of high quality, with above-average conversion rates.  Radio leads can be better than those from other direct response media, including DRTV. Expanded Market List We have relationships with more than 1,600 local radio stations, radio… Continue Reading