Keyword: higher conversion

How You Benefit

Higher Quality Leads
Radio listeners must make a concerted effort to respond to a radio commercial. Radio leads are therefore of high quality, with above-average conversion rates.  Radio leads can be better than those from other direct response media, including DRTV.

Expanded Market List
We have relationships with more than 1,600 local radio stations, radio networks, syndicated programs and satellite networks, so you’ll reach more radio markets than you could afford through traditional radio buys.

Added Frequency
Instead of buying 20 spots per station per week, our pay per lead schedules may air double that amount, but you pay only for sales leads.  Spots run in all dayparts including drive time and mid-day.  And Target + Response generates sales leads  52 weeks a year.

Brand Exposure
Get exposure every time your ad runs, but pay only when your target audience responds.

Higher Conversion
Calls route directly to your call center, resulting in higher conversions.

Turn-Key Campaigns
Generating risk-free, cost-efficient sales leads in a pay per lead campaign requires less day-to-day management than traditional radio media buying and media placement strategies.

Boost in Other Media Efforts
You will see a lift in your internet traffic when your ads are heard on the radio. Many of our advertisers acknowledge the lift created by PI Radio and include a premium into their lead fee to compensate stations for that lift.
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