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What It Costs / Why It Works

With Per-Inquiry (also called pay per lead) advertising, you pay a fixed cost per lead, regardless of how often or where your spots are run.  You don’t pay for spots.  You don’t pay higher rates to run in bigger markets or on bigger stations.  You don’t pay for frequency.  You pay only for leads!

The pay per lead model is 100% risk free.  Because you’re paying for leads and not for placements, the risk is shifted to the media.  Your spots will run in all dayparts including drive time and mid-day, but you will pay only for quality sales leads.

It’s important to maximize revenue to the stations by setting your “allowable” at the highest amount you can afford. In a pay per lead campaign, media don’t earn anything until a lead is generated. Media are paid a fixed fee for each qualified response they generate. If they generate a lot of response, they get paid a lot. If they generate little response, they get paid accordingly.  The higher the allowable (or pay per lead fee), the more participation you will get from the media – particularly the highest quality stations.  Greater media participation means more sales leads for you.  Win, win!

Target + Response programs have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.  Our proven direct response methods surpass the efforts of other advertising agencies and media buying services, even those who buy remnant radio time.  And, Target + Response pay per lead campaigns are cost-efficient, and more manageable than traditional and remnant radio buys. Our pay per lead model is like the “icing on the cake!”

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