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Yellow Pages Pay-Per-Call Advertising

Attract Ready-To-Buy Prospects, Pay Only For Qualified Calls Published Yellow Pages directories continue to be a source of reference for consumers who are ready to make a purchase. With Yellow Pages directories in circulation in the hundreds of millions, “pay-per-call” advertising can prove to be both powerful and cost-effective.  Target + Response specializes in designing… Continue Reading

Our Radio Per-Inquiry Advertising Generates Sales Leads Risk-Free

Pay Only for Results Target + Response makes radio surprisingly cost effective for direct marketers by specializing in per-inquiry advertising to generate qualified sales leads. Through Target + Response, marketers pay for their radio advertising based on the number of sales leads (or inquiries) that are generated, regardless of the number of times the ad… Continue Reading

How You Benefit

Higher Quality Leads Radio listeners must make a concerted effort to respond to a radio commercial. Radio leads are therefore of high quality, with above-average conversion rates.  Radio leads can be better than those from other direct response media, including DRTV. Expanded Market List We have relationships with more than 1,600 local radio stations, radio… Continue Reading