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FREE – It’s the Best Direct Response Radio Offer. Tips from Target + Response.

The less complicated your direct response radio offer, the more likely it is to be effective.  That’s why lead generation offers work so well in radio.

Direct response radio copy can be highly effective at describing the benefits of a product or service, but it may not be enough to convince a listener to call and make a purchase on the spot.  Radio is much more effective at getting listeners to respond for more information, so they can gather more insight and ultimately make an educated buying decision.

Depending on how your offer is structured, you need to be prepared to provide more information through a brochure, a website, a conversation, and/or a demonstration.  It’s very challenging to convince listeners to “have your credit card ready when calling.”  Expect respondents to need a two-step fulfillment process before they will be ready to buy.

Below is a list of lead generation offers that have been effective in direct response radio.  The word “free” is probably the most powerful word in advertising.  Provide listeners with something free and they’ll be more comfortable responding and initiating a relationship with you.  Of course, each of these examples can be customized to fit your particular product or service.

Free rate quote
Free information kit
Free consultation
Free sample
Free DVD
Free booklet
Free demonstration
Free estimate
Free trial

Radio can be outstanding at generating listener interest in your product.  Just be prepared to fulfill their inquiries with information and a process that can close the sale.

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